80% of success online is determined by one element. 

It’s what I call your “lingo dynamics”. This is the balance between the words you choose in your content and marketing messaging. 

That, coupled with how the words fit into the tactical beats, is what shapes how you and your business are perceived. Things like:

     • Your “hook-lines” (headlines, titles and email subject lines)...
     • Your “ledes” (The opening 100-400 words of any message/content)...
     • Your body content (the rest of the words)...

Those things, and how they’re received, determine who notices you online and how many people you’re ultimately able to reach and help. 

In 2015, I received investor capital and began working on my Lingo Dynamics® tool-set. It’s powered by over 34,000 words, all rated, in 3 categories by thousands of real people, for how each word makes them feel. 

With this system in your toolbox, you'll never need to guess how people are going to feel about the words you use in your content and messaging.

I've taken the concept of Lingo Dynamics and built the HookLine Dynamic App - it's free to use the beta version at http://hooklinedynamic.com
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