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Each week I host a totally FREE live training to help entrepreneurs discover how to use positive, powerful communication in their business – to create compelling content, attract more leads, and close more sales.

Along with the training attendees are invited to try the Lingo Dynamics suite of tools – Proof Factory, HookLine Dynamic, Feel-o-nym Machine, WebCast Simple and more.

As an affiliate, when you share the weekly training, and your invitees decide to try these tools (or any of my trainings) you receive a commission.

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Swipe Emails
Subj Line: Let’s talk about “you”

Hey [[ FIRST NAME ]],

Let’s talk about “you”…

No, no, not YOU you… but the WORD “you”!

Did you know that one of the best ways to get your audience’s attention is to focus on… THEM (not you)?

Of course you did.

But why…?

Because you’re focusing on THEIR perspective.

For example, let’s run a couple of headlines through the HookLine Dynamic tool…

Instead of…

How to Write Great Headlines
(Score 6.7 – not bad)


3 Easy Ways You Can Create Powerful Headlines that Attract Attention
(Score 8.5 – even better!)

Now, be honest with me… which of those two headlines would you be more likely to click?

The one about YOU? Of course! (Me, too.)

Your audience is the same way.

They want you to tell them exactly how you can help them and why they should click your hook-line or keep listening/reading to your message.

So make it a little less about “you” (you, you) and a little more about “YOU” (the them, you) 😉

To get totally FREE access to the tool I mentioned above, plus free LIVE training to show you even more easy ways to get your audience’s attention so they’ll listen to what you’ve got to share, go here:



P.S. When you grab the tool & training you’ll also get access to a special report, totally free, called “The Ultimate HookLine” – be sure to take a look through it, especially the VABROM part – it’ll show you exactly how to get anyone’s attention!

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